Restore my soul 

I don’t know why I haven’t been writing as much lately. 

It could be a good thing. 

I’ve been more at peace lately. However, a lot of people are not. God, I ask that you restore peace to those around them and give them VIsION and hOPe.

I am thankful for so many things.

My son who’s a smart cookie. As usual, please help me help him excel. I need help developing his gifts and talents. I need help guiding him through the gospel.

I pray for santi. I know he’s in a rut. He feels like he’s got something to prove. I hope he comes back to you God. You’re in him. 

I pray for the ladies at yoga class. I pray formula sisters at Calvary especially Carolina.

God I command josh to be completely healed. 

God I command my body to be pain free! 

I pray for my parents and their financial situation. Not to mention, they lack peace! I pray for their peace.

I pray for the willingness to magnify your name and serve you as you have served me.

I want to see you in my dreams.


This is My Day.

Women possess a tremendous amount of power and wisdom. 

My power and my strength lies in my influence. I can use my influence foolishly or wisely. 

In the bibble foolish and foolishness are personified by a woman. She can posses wisdom or foolishness. 

Word kayle= noble in strength, wise, An elite warrior and it is used to describe a woman. She’s industrious and aware . She’s compassionate and generous. 

Noble strength, everything she is comes from the depth of her relationship with the lord. It’s all about Jesus! Without Jesus, no power. Heaven recognizes this!!

The gospel liberates the women. Not any religion, not any government. In heaven’s eyes the women matters.

Perfect Grace 

I can not even begin to fathom how mug my large has gotten. I still think he’s a small baby in my arms. I can not even begin to accept that he’s only getting bigger. Lord help me accept that time is passing and that my child is growing .

Friday work was good, very slow. My boss and bf left early so it was easy money. I got to talk to a few people I needed to talk to. I need to do a couple I things.

But most of all I need to draw closer to God, worship and gear his word. 

Worship night was good, I was tired on Saturday and my body was coming up With a thousand excuses not to go! I went and it was great, nothing done in the name of Jesus crist will bare no fruits. 

My great aunti died and my family is kind of in a crunch. My grandma can’t be alone and doesn’t want to come live with us. I pray to god we find a plausible solution. 

I pray for Minno cakes, that he has fun at school and learns. That he sets a good example. That I am able to lead him in a righteous path. I need to spend more time with him.

My workouts has been great. My knees hurt a lot. I need to ease up on them and join yogi.

Life is boringly beautiful and well, I am so glad. 

I pray for my friends and all of the spirits I’ve met! May you bless them God, I pray for my beautiful santi, may you keep him safe and free of doubts. 

Love you!!! Keep me.

Visionario = into me you see 

Caleb = dog, very determined

It takes tenacity and determination to accomplish God’s promise for you. 

God wants a deep relationship , intimacy . Into me you see. 🙂

Jesus has something for me! 

Life is strange. 

Work has been good. I made a couple of mistakes yesterday that I couldn’t fix today. I am sure they won’t go unoticed! But God I am praying they’re not too bad! Oh my, I can’t let that consume me.

The boys are busy being in love which is great! We all need more love in our lives. God help them find more love for each other and for you. That they may forever be super happy, seriously. I am not one to say who deserves what or whatever but to me they seem deserving of much love! And who isn’t????

Paulito from work needs to come to church. He’s so knowledgeable about the scripture and such but does no allow Christ to come into his life. God I pray that you allow us to make him come to church! And I pray for him and his future, apparently a big decision is riding for him in the next few weeks.

It was always you.

You kept knocking. 

You finally found me. Thank you for all of the peace you have brought me.

I thank you for my son, ny family, My friends, my job and all that I have. For I know that all good things come from you.

Holy Spirit feel me. Help me find my way , serve you and exude your light through me. Please use me, I open my heart to you.

I didn’t get to the holy yoga, that kind of put me off but again, you’ve shines your light upon my spirit.

Lord help me access the Holy Spirit when needed. Help me find my gifts so I can worship you and bring people to you.

I love you!!!

I Pray for balance At work skecislly for Paul and Ryan who seem uneasy or uncomfortable. I pray for Selena and her family, especially her son in jail. I pray for Nsncy who interestingly enough had a dream with me that we were on a vacation and   I was driving a car in Cuba and suddenly I got into the back seat and let go of the wheel. I had asked you to help me listen to your prophetic word through dreams. Does this mean Jesus take the wheel? Jesus I give you all of my life, take it. 

I also had a dream with my dad becoming sick from all the drinking and I wanted him stop. Non concidently enough, today he had apparently drank too much. Please God , let me speak to him about this in a prophetic way.

I pray for my moody and her studies, she’s been at the hospital all day. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s going to ace that test but I ask that you lease help her prepare. 

I pray for my Minno man, I pray that he’s happy and finds joy in wvru day things. I pray that he finds comfort in his family and know that we are here for him always that he’s not alone. I pray that he comes close to you God, the spirit is very much alive in him.

I pray for santi. I lets that he’s safe and sound and at peace with himself. I pray he finds the light brought you because it is absolutely amazing. And while being obedient is difficult it is absolutely rewarding .

I pray that as humans and as fallen that we stop worshiping our emotions, our feelings, our looks, our finances, our statutes, our position for they will only lead to emptiness and darkness. 

I pray for Dani sheep! I hope all her dreams come true and that she is growing in faith. 

I pray for panda bear, well he honestly deserves the best. Do a work in God so that he comes to believ it.

I pray for Rudy, I mean I am so sorry for what I did to him and and max as well. God, may I never got back to my old ways.

May you always stay close, quite me, move me.

Help me take the pcat , study, apply for pharmacy school! Give me purpose, how can I use pharmacy to worship you? To serve you? To bring people to you.


Show me how to be like you.

It was always you.

Never Going Back

Hello there beautiful soul, I am currently writing this letter of intent at work. I am eternally grateful to have a very flexible job that allows me to every so often sit down and write down a few thoughts here and there without getting in trouble. But this job  isn’t enough, I am hungry for more, I want to grow.

Beautiful soul, I’ll gracefully admit that I’ve been here before, writing a letter similar to this one. You see, becoming a Pharmacist has been an aspiration of mine for a couple of years now. But, this time, it feels so different and I’ll tell you why.

Beautiful soul this is my story.

I was born on a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon in Camajuani, Cuba. As you may or may not know Cuba is a beautiful country with very limited possibilities due to communism. My parents always knew and had a higher vision for us as a family. When I was 7 years old my father entered our names into a raffle, the winners were to get plane tickets to come to the USA and have an opportunity to chase “the American Dream”. I remember the day like it was yesterday, a man with a manila envelope knocked on our door and granted us the papers. My mom was in tears. I knew what was going on and my mom confirmed the good news. I ran around shouting endlessly that I was going to the USA! I waved at a ascending plane and just pictured myself flying to another country. Successfully completing pharmacy school will allow me to help me get closer to “MY American Dream”. Completing Pharmacy school will allow me to repay parents for their continuous sacrifice and hard work to keep the family together. Becoming a Pharmacist will not be about me, it will be about giving back, giving back to the family, to the community, to those in need. I want to not only give but make a difference by giving.

Beuatiful soul I am on a journey.

My school years were pretty normal right before I became a teenager. High school was just a means to an end, at the time it didnt mean much to me.


I’ve got a lot to say

I feel like I’ve got a lot to say.

Maybe it’s because I went a day without writing. We’ve got some catching up to do. 

“It’s time to start !!!!”

Everybody ends up somewhere , a few people end up on purpose. Where there is no vision, the people perish. 

I must grow in grace and knowledge of the lord and savior Jesus Christ. Growth is necessary, it is essential to the Christian. It is Gods will.

Let us leave behind the elementary teaching about Jesus and let us reach maturity. We must grow from glory to glory.

He call us what we are long before we get there, we are conquerors, world changers. You were translated from darkness into light. Aren’t you glad? Jesus redefines you. No one has the right to define you but the lord. You are redefined 

What is my redefined identity? How do you see me? What have you interpreted me to be? I am free in your name.

Remember your born again experience? Colors, sounds, people …all become transformed. We move into the spirit. This is who you are, beautiful, free, saved.

Ask me what that means! I am sitting in heavily places in Christ  Jesus. You’re sitting against all power, authority, and dominion. You’ve got the badge of badges! You didn’t earn it, he have it to yo because he loves you.

Devil go away, there’s no room for doubt. Jesus fill My spirit. 

God gave ves us tools and has trusted us with power !! The essence of all holy light is in you. It is insanely powerful. 

The word Human comes from the Hebrew word mana meaning what? We are a I’ve question and our answer lies in Jesus Christ.

Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with your position where Or love. God has no favorites, he only has intimates. We are all called to be intimate with him and access him through or by the holy spirit.

Spiritual growth is a process in line with my position.

Above you’ll see notes on the sermon from my pastor. I am tired of thinking. 

Lord, I really want to take a moment to pray for my great aunt who had a heart attack. I feel like her time here on this earth is coming to an end. Please help her and us, her family, through this difficult time. Amen. 


Ingredients for good decisions 

Unable to make up your mind? Undecided and non vomitsl people receive little to nothing. It is not gods will to remain undecided, back and forth in the mind is no good 

  • Prayer: ask what would Jesus want? Emulate him and follow him. If I trust in my own insight, I am foolish. If I walk in wisdom, I will be saved. Where does wisdom come from? From the Lord. Ask the question! Destiny is revealed through revelation in the scripture. We seek understanding. 
  • Scripture
  • Spirit
  • Courage 

I am an imperfect person in an imperfect situation but I am willing…and Jesus will use me for his perfect will. 

Your job is a mean to an ends so you can serve the gospel. We can always give more. 

Commit to Jesus as the Lord. He is the ruler, he is charge. I submit to his rules and his ways. Everything that God has for you is far greater than everything you’ve ever had in mind. 

Commit to a church. How do you love god if you don’t like the church? Your brothers .!? Love one another, be sincere. Helping and gifting, humbling ourselves. We need unity. The church will expose you. 

Spiritual habits to grow. Foundation  Radical 5 ! 

  • Read your bible, 
  • pray interaction with holy spirit , 
  • commit to a church ;servitude and submission, a calling 
  • financial give 
  • live on mission ! 
  • Invite!

Marriage exposes you, we become transparent. Unity exposed you. All its on the table.  One or more parties must be willing to change and bend. Fractured are caused by pride. 

If you’re not growing you’ll go. 

If you’re not growing I’m your marriage, you will go. You’ll be distracted. 

If you don’t  have a vision, you perish.

Marriage is designed to make me holy. It does not fix you, it reveals who you are. Your character or lack of it. Shows you the good , bad and ugly. In partnership with the lord and your spouse, it fixes you. 

Singleness = celibacy. If you can not remain celibate, marry and screw. Jiji you’re not of this world. 

Marriage is honorable. Fornication and adultery is umblessed. When sex outside of marriage is done, it will be empty and not blessed. What are you missing?

I woke up today and went to church. The message was amazing, it was about hope and I could replay it over and over again. In fact, I shall revisit it soon. Because I can always use more hope. Speak hope unto people and they will respond. 

My pastor likes to give a “prophetic” word before service, he says he’s called onto by the lord to do so. It kind of freaks me out, it may be a little too much. I don’t quite understabd it and it makes me uneasy. Last weeks prophetic word was in regards to him seeing a lot of us feeling like we are not really going anywhere, or we are startled someplace and we are going to just propel forward. In fact, he had. Avail where it wa alike a car and it was knocking down problems and obstacles like dominoes. We prayed for people who needed healing in regard to health, specially for the digestive system. 

This weeks message was in regards to laying out a foundation upon the word of Christ. He said he literally saw an arch being built and nations and cities where going to be made stronger. He said relationships and projects were also being rebuilt on this new foundation and going to thrive. Then he went on about a flood, a river cleaning of us our sins, sewage and internal garbage and bringing us  light. We prayed for a lady named Kim (whom I met at the 5 live lanuagesvseminar) and her womb. 

Anyways, I waned to stay longer because there was short class afterward on the five essentials of the Christina life (which by the way, coincidently enough (or not, joke) I I just heard them from one of his previous sermons ) but didn’t. There was also a prophetic team giving the prophetic word. I told tony I was scared and wasn’t ready for all of that.

I came home and went to the gym, I even went outside for s run. I’ve been doing that lately. I feel like it honestly helps me spiritually. 

My eye was wondering today and God clearly spoke to me about it. There was a cute guy at church and another at the gym. Lord please help me keep my eyes only on yo, my husband and son. I mean it, that’s how I got in trouble . Nothing will satisfy my sexual or relationship need right now except for you and my husband with you peculiar ways . I know this.

I took a nap after my workout. I had sexual dreams with my hubby. Yum. Mini was bored all day, I felt bad. He really wanted to go the beach but nobody was in the mood for it. Later on at night he became whiney and started saying he didn’t want to go to shool because they we’re going to make him go to sleep and he does not enjoy that. God I pray that he wil have a good day at school and enjoy himself with his friends.

God clearly spoke to me:

  • He said, visit your grandmama and great granny.
  • Show more love to your parents and spend more quality time  with them
  • Help mom out with shores 
  • Spend more time with minito 
  • Call Yao and Dani pani and reach out to old friends 
  • Apply to pharm school and commit to it 
  • Study for the exam 
  • Apply to more chem jobs 
  • Start thinking in terms of career 
  • When you have money because I will own day. Be very minimalistic and give away as much as possible. Open up a big school (science and christian) or space for fitness. Also alternative medicine pharmacy and center. 
  • Thank you god! You are the all mighty!
  • I love you!

Free your mind 

Of worries.

  • By being joyful , seeking the Holy Spirit.
  • By praying, you must listen to him in prayer, ask questions, glorify him, give him thanks.
  • By Being greatful, focusing on others 
  • By Centering yourself on good things
  • By Being content 

Well I am glad I heard this message because I’ve been a worrier lately. It explains my horrible eating patters and lack of self control. 

Today was great!!!

Tomorrow is going to be even better.

I pray for my son who is by far the most emotional Intelligent kid I have ever met. I pray that he grows up to be righteous, serving and kind. I pray for the tools and wisdom to get him there.

I pray for my awesome husband. I pray that wherever he may be, he’s at peace. Its taken me a while but I love him unconditionally. I dint need him to be mine, I am content with the way things are. 

I pray for my mommy. I pray for peace in her heart and courage to keep on studying. 

I pray for my daddy, I pray he’s able to stay in tune with this world although he’s not able to hear very well. I pray he’s at peace in his soul and that he worries no more.

I pray for my brother and his beautiful family. I want nothing but an endless fountain of blessings poured onto them. Seriously, they are such a great example of a family, of a marieage. They should be honored and rewarded.

I pray for Maite and Joseph. That they stick together and surround themselves with positive people with good intentions. I pray for patience under this stressful time. 

I pray for my grimmy and great auntie. I pray they draw close to you and love each other and everyone around them.

I pray for Rita and Gabriel who were here earlier, I pray that you bring them blessings and joy! I pray for Rita’s mouth.

I pray for Yao and her family who called me today. Whatever you’ve put on her heart lord, help her seek it. If she’s dealing with any stress, help her become undone and relieved from it.

I pray for nanny and nick, I pray that they’re in good spirits in sore of mamma roses death. I pray that the funeral went well and in accordance to her memory. I pray for them so much lord becaus they really helped me when I needed them for very little in return. I pray for all of their family.

I pray for my Dani sheep. I am forever greatful that she kept pushing and pressing and bright me to you. I pray that you bless her with every dream and oak she has. If anyone deserves grace, blessing and pure joy is her. I pray for q good man for her, one that will bring her great joy and set a good example of you. 
I pray for everyone in this world that is hungry that does not have shelter. Let them be fed by your spirit and sheltered through your presence and embrace.

I pray for panda. I hope he is one with you and feels your presence tonight lord. I pray that he’s in content in whatever situation he is in and demanding change. I pray he’s surrounded by good people that love him and care for his soul. He deserves blessing because he sees so much good in me although I sometimes dont, just like you! There’s a lot of God/you in him. I pray for everything that bring me happy and everything that helps me get close to your. Understand you and feel you. 

I am thankful for my body. I want to push it further and do things I’ve never done before . I want to use it and I want to rise it for good. I don’t want to look good, I want to feel good. If I can have both which with your help k can, that’d be great! 

I love you.

I hear you all mighty. I am enter ally gretaful. 

Holy you!

Hi there!

Work was good. Tony was i very good spirits and praising the lord left and right. It was very slow, I was anxious but we got through it. I don’t like how the day  at work is greatly affected by Tony’s mood. I pray that God will change that. For now, we have to enjoy the good days! Thank you god for a good day at work. We had a spiritual encounter and everything. Woo hoo! Amen.

The gym kicked my but, like I knew it would. I am craving something else, I need to express myswlf creatively in other ways. The gym for some reason is not doing it anymore, I want to spend less time there and more place out either doing yoga or dancing. Or gymnastic. I still love the gym, it’s just very stressful on my body. I pray for balance in my fitness and diet. Lately, I’ve been stressful eating at work and then come home and eat very well and healthy. At work I get triggered, i feel like I am constantly walking on egg shells. I have to figure out why, what am I so scared of? Honestly , it’s tony and how unstable he seems to be. God, I pray for Tony and Dustin! God pleaseeeee help them find balance in their relationship. Help them go your way and your way only .

Santi spoke to me and Minno!! That made me very happy. He was drawin , that made me even happier. Remember what we spoke about creativity and disorders. I know he’s depressed. He probably misses his partner, and Minno, and maybe even me. He’s lonely. God, I pray for good company for my husband, santi. I love him so much but I know we are not good for each other now. I thank you for the best husband ever! He is seriously the best for me. I pray he finds light and comfort in you. With your help! I can bring him and show him to the light. 

Minno was in good spirits too, he talked to his papa and had a good day at school. The other day he told me it was bad and that the teacherhit him. Not his class teacher but the other teacher . I am going to talk to the director about it tomorrow. I am thankful that he likes going to school and he has a best friend he constantly talks about. I love my son and pray for his well being, his education , his identity in you Christ.

My mom stressed me out about helping her out for these two months. I get overwhelmed because I feel like I am never good enough or she wants more. I struggle because I am just lazy and take take from my parents, please lord change this in meX I want to serve them more than they serve me. 

I pray for my family, specially my parents  and my friends.

My co workers .

I am thankful for the roof over my head

My precious body 

All that I’ve got 

All I will receive 

I am thankful I am saved

God pleas give me answerand guide my path. Also remind me to stand  still , that that’s ok. 

Love you so much! Thanks Mari