The purpose of God.

I want it in my life.

Two most important days of your life, the day you were born and the day you discover why.

Success: when we know gods purpose, you were created on purpose with a purpose. You know it , your heart and spirit knows it. Success is helping others reach their purpose . God help me help Minno find his purpose.

What is the will of Christ? God has put into you a desire to find out what that will is? The question is whether you’re willing to submit to it? To surrender our Hearts! ” Or just know it to question it, or act like its a choice? ”

The bible tells you how to know the will of God! It tells you to submit onto God. It tells you that you’re in this world but you’re not of it. We are not to conform or operate into the same pattern of thinking from this world. It’s all about me, greed, about running over people. It’s not about justice but power.

We are a kingdom within a kingdom. We are to draw from the kingdom of heaven and bring it upon the earth. We are called peculiar, we are generous, we are giving, kind. We are to think differently. We are to think from heaven to earth. This is how We know The will Of god.

We are limited by our thinking this blinded. Jesus has a pattern of thikng tat is different form the one we live in. We are part of our kingdom and he call us dreamers and visionaries. “They will speak on my behalf, they will speak in my name. They will have visions.” However there will be risks and step into a very unfamiliar world.

God give me a dream! God give me a vision. Dreamt he dream of God is easier than to build it. It requires a foundation.

Ask for more? But are you willing to go through the process? I want more Jesus! There’s always more he says! I want dreams 😉

Take all vanity away from me! I don’t want anything for me, all for you and your children!

The four pillars: pressed into their life in the same four areas. He moves and deals with us in these four areas by submission. We must yield ourselves into these areas. The weight of his heart and goodness will be upon you! Pillars that hold up his glory!

  • Dependence upon the lord! Spiritual maturity is co dependent. This world tell us to be independent. There was part of you that was created do dependence, even addicted. But addicted to Jesus! You just pursue him, draw from him and draw from him!! He will draw you low so you can rise through him.
  • Integrity: my life will never rise above my integrity. You’re going to want to be the jets on you’re not. The greatest battles are within. He’s more committed to your character and not your comfort. Self control, to become masters of ourselves. Integrity and purity in our relationships and business transactions, not just sexually. You have a choice!
  • The value of others. Servitude dis one of the highest values of the kingdom of God. Let that attitude be engraved in you.
  • You’re gifted! You’re expected to know what those gifts are. God what are my gifts? Recognize, honor the king that gave them to you?? You must develop it! Get structured with it! We are called to make different for God’s glory and his calling.


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