Hi there


I want to be closer to you. Align my decisions, my thoughts, my wants and needs with yours.

I am extremely tired. 🙂 I want to be selfless and give more.

I want to pray more for others, including the child here at the clinic. Keep him Oh God.

Keep everyone at my job close to you, in one with you. 

We love you. We really don’t know how to express it, teach us.


Pour it out

God I am so thankful for my life, my son, my husband,my family and friends.

I haven’t been far, I’ve been seeking you but in the wrong places , the wrong way.

I’ve been crabby.

But I pleaded and you’ve answered.

I am eternally thankful. We are one, be one with me.

Guild my path to be the best mom and wife I can be.

Some days it feels hopeless but you reminded me of your promise….and to patiently wait.

Takes two to fix a relationship and let’s face it , my husband doesn’t want to fix our marriage. He may never ever want to fix our marriage but I still feel like it’s right to wait.

Pour your love onto me and my son.

My family.

Pour your blessing over my soul and fill my spirit with your love.

I love you. 

I shall write to you daily from this day forward , it keeps me close.

I believe.