No somos tres.

Si no cuatro.

Tú con tus números y yo sin cuenta.

Ya perdí la cuerda.

Solo sé que sin Dios no somos nadie.

I love you God! 


It was really me against myself. 

It took me a while to grasp that God is for me even when I am against myself.

I am no longer fearful. 

Now I can truly serve you. 

Thank you God, may your glory shine upon my face and upon every heart I touch.

**Let her get it!!!**


“Jesus is not just to be known of, he is to be known”

The Christian is to know of the lord, He is to be experienced. 

The church is the unstoppable force that changes the world and culture.

Walk in the spirit, they are kind, generous and perform acts of service.

Lord I need you!!




A new word for ya’! I am the same weight I was a year ago….except. I have way more muscle than before.
All for his glory !

Thank God.

I am so happy for my mommy