O God, when I listen to the voices of animals, the sounds of trees, the murmurings of water, the singing of birds, the whistling of the wind, or the boom of thunder, I see in them evidence of Your unity; I feel that You are supreme power, omniscience, supreme knowledge, and supreme justice.I recognize You, O God, in the trials I am going through. May Your pleasure be my pleasure, too. May I be Your joy, the joy that a Father feels for a son. And may I think of You calmly and with determination, even when I find it hard to say I love You.


Jesus Christ!!

This is my honest  truth, I wrote this as I not do pleasantly……. but oh so excitedly and..willingly  get a whiff off of my sons  covered  menthol  socks . Yum.

Jesus Christ, they FILL me and nothing else matters. 

I have experienced NIRVANA!!!!

AMEN, let me help others experience that. This my only request from God tonight.


Let me know if you disagree,

I have a problem , I know I do ! 

I remember walking into the place, I didn’t know what to get. You wanted to get a guest beer, and I said no. I ordered for you, a double 9 IPA, i ordered a buenas noches . We talked to Lizzie and nick. In between, “I got a  Lizzie is naughty” , “I want to fuck zemie but her bf would kill me shit.”

You played a couple of songs. I gave you 3 bucks and you played random hip hop funky songs. We all loved them , because you’re the best dj to my ears.

You broke the seal, your zipper was left undone, this was before you playing some songs . 

-**I love you, I loved to play with your hair through out the night .**

We the kept grooving along, this guy had way too many play songs on tap.

Your played some more on tap, two more. We tried to get less beer but got served twice as more.

I wanted to lay down on the cards but said no, I rather uber instead.

I drove home, I was fine. I temper coming up easy, the best timing. “It was i. Love I was created and in love is I hope I die” repeatedly 

As soon as I came home, you went for the smoke, I even commented in how strange your canister for holding weed was.

We went to the bench , Is shit smoke and 7/8 sppiff off weed 


Life is moving forward, never backwards.

He’s Calling you into my identity in Christ, not as someone who has it figured out but someone’s who’s on the move.

I forget the past and I look forwards into what’s ahead. I press on unto gods destiny for me.

Love is love.

Love has to be spoken

Love has to be shown

Love has to be felt

They are different types of love

But all love none the less 

Do t try to over analyze it 

Don’t doubt it .

Love will always remain.


Hace días que leo más que escribo.Y ya hace años que caigo en el mismo ciclo.

Dias tras días …

Años tras años.

Al fin he descubierto la harmonía!!!

Que alegría !! 

Niño bonito 

Y pido por
Que el gran poder de tu existencia siempre se refleje en tu cara.
Que tus ojos delaten lo bonito que es tu espíritu e alma.

Y que nunca te falte el valor para conquistar todo lo que quieras con tan solo tu mirada.

Que siempre valores tu sonrisa que es tu posesión más preciada

Y que nunca dudes de tu poder aún cuando el mundo se oponga contra ti.

Y que siempre creas que lo eres todo aún cuando te sientas que no eres nada.
Mi niño bonito , te quiero mucho. ❤️

Tu mami