Prefiero morir llena de fe que vivir en desconfianza.

Prefiero morir llena de confianza que vivir con inseguridad .

Prefiero morir llena de esperanza que vivir en esta falsa realidad.

Prefiero morir con seguridad que vivir llena de dudas.

 Prefiero morir llena de amor que vivir con repugnancia .

Prefiero morir con buena actitud que vivir quejándome.

Prefiero morir con las manos en el corazón que vivir con mucha razón .

Prefiero vivir un solo día contigo que 100 sin ti.

Morire con mucha fe, confianza, esperanza, seguridad, amor, buena actitud, y con las manos en el corazón gracias a ti.



The way we see things affects our attitudes and actions 

If your perspective about a person, your attitudes and actions towards them are wrong

Your always and  you never are false perpective.

If your perspective about yourself and god sees you is wrong – no good.

If your perspective about god is wrong -no good. 

The truth is not all are saved. Not all ar born again.

You have to shift the paradigm from which you think of. A pattern by which we relate. 

Change the pattern and perspective . They are not healthy. The lens or grid you see through . A filter. 

It is necessary for us to change the way we think. We are changed by the renewing of the mind.

Lens changes examples. Joseph, book of Genesis. Jacob had a wife that could not have children . God never told them to have multiple wives. If the wife was not able to conceive,they could take a second wife. Joseph was the first born of the wife he loved. 

Joseph was favored and had an atittude.  Joseph shaved. Hebrews did not shave , it was a hunkering gesture. I must serve others , the goal is not about my glory. It’s not about my steem.