Life in the Spirit.

God became men to fo for us what we could not do for ourselves.

Only one way to God and salvation. Jesus and Jesus alone died for you.

The crucified him for “blasphemy”, because he said he was God.

Would you do the same?

Cried died for sinners, sin is separation. Harmatia(to miss the mark) and Harmano (to offend, or push away from God—HELL)

We are so arrogant, we can tell each other who God is.

The fool in their heart says there is NO GOOD< This is the height of foolishness.

We are all descents of Adam and Eve, we have been born with sin. Sin has entered us.

Moral relativism, what is right to you is right to you and what is right to me is right to me. Man is GOD. You become numb, no feeling, unable to discent right from wrong.

Without Jesus we are spiritually dead. We need to be born again to have access to Holy Spirit. He’s alive in you…moves through you .

Walking in the holy spirit…GET IN THE SPIRIT, you will feel ALIVE.2da956641600f79e2b9951889103d242

Jesus gives life (Zoe, life to the fullest), not religion. Christianity is experiential or it is nothing  at all. The Holy Spirit allows for this.


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