I am no worse than wrong.
I am no better than right.
And I know I’ve crossed the same line multiple times.
Thats why I am here begging for a dime.
Why even ask? So we can just fight?
No, to tell you you’re right.

To gain some insight.
Hey, I’ll write you a song.
One you can sing all night long.

I am writing again

To spare me some pain.

Editing in vain.

Can I please go back to Spain?

I am anxious and nervous.

This is a big leap of faith, oh God help me be courageous.

I love you.

Spare me your change.

What I need is a chance.

A chance to walk your line.

to love through God .

To make all things right.


Oh God, save me.

Nice Cuban man comes to fix Maris garbage disposal.

They have a nice discussion.

Mari finally gets hungry at 11:10 pm.

Mari decides to prepare chicken with salad.

Mari uses a plate to heat up chicken in the microwave.

Mari needs another plate to prepare the salad.

Mari is looking for the plate that’s usually outside in the drying rack and it’s not there.

Mari: “damn that man took one of my plates! Maybe he’s like one of those compulsive stealers. What do you call them? A cleptomanía! He’s a cleptomanía. Man I really loved my plate. Can you buy just one plate? Nah, he was too nice to steal….I don’t know you never know”

Mari grabs another plate to make salad.

Microwave beeps 1 min, 30 secs later.

Missing plate is there keeping the chicken in place.

Mari “oh god, save me !”

End of short story .

I must write.

I was reading old writings of mines and was pushed to start writing (again) and I am committed to writing daily (again and again).

Yesterday I drove around on a near empty gas tank for an extra half an hour looking for a gas station. I was so anxious and frustrated.

This happens to me quite often as a resilient procrastinator. You’d think I’d learn my lesson by now. Oh lord, help me learn my lesson.

The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied. Proverbs 13:4

The sluggard does not plow in the autumn; he will seek at harvest and have nothing. Proverbs 20:4

Persistent, profane procrastination postliminary penetrates our pure permanence producing penitence.
A couple of weeks ago a dad took his son to our yoga class and he was so well behaved. The child actually attempted to do the poses. I pondered on this and suddently began to want to bring Minno into a class one day, you know just to try it out.
Minno was not that kid, he was way too into looking at himself in the mirror and jumping and thumping on the mat.
Nonetheless, I got a couple of judgy looks, I honestly didnt care. I wanted to enjoy having him around me in my practice. Plus, I wanted him to try something new.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Enough about yesterday, today is a new day.
Work is slow as usual, the days seem to be getting longer and longer.
Today doenst seem so bad, maybe it’s because it is Friday.
“May our souls behold humility, I keep hearing this


Love is not a feeling based on raw emotions.

Love is a choice based on a series of actions.

Just because you love, it does not mean that you are permissive.

Love is the denial of the self to seek the highest good of the other.


Like a river you will flow.


The Holy Spirit is what gives us power.

Ex Electronic devices? How useful is your phone without power? When we run out, we look everywhere for that power. We are useful without power, but Jesus has given us the spirit of God to use as power source.

He’s not only power but he’s a river. The Holy Spirit is a river that moves in me and desires to move through me.  LIVING WATER, the rivers of God.

rivers change things, they transform things, landscaped, water in motion. Where there is no water, there is no life. He wants to use you to transform landscapes and bring life into the areas around you. Makes the dead sea come to life.

“Got any dead areas of your life?” Yes, marriage, yes work with boss. Motherhood, feel like I am coming short. Death places with diet or consistency. Constant shame for eating habits. It is a constant struggle.

Dead places in faith, not in spirit 24/7.

Rivers delta. A fast moving river when it encounters a slow moving bod of water it extends out. Green or life is seen where the river is delta-ing. Simply having the river does not mean that there is life. It has to delta or move out into all areas of our life.

How does the river delta? What does it look like? What is available to the believer? You can not access what you do not know you have. You have been entrusted with the spirit god, the riches of heaven.

There is a patter of seven. “If there is a pattern, there is an intent in the design.” The spirit of the lord is the main. Wisdom, counsel, understanding, might, fear of the lord.

Trees are also rivers, sap flows through a tree. Water is it’s main component. It deltas into branches, the fruit is produced on the branches, not the bark. The sapp has to move throughout, it has to delta like a river. The will of the father is for us to produce foot. The holy spirit is what enables us to do that

The menorah, a delta, a pattern of seven. The wise will see and notice the pattern.It is not by might, it is not by power, but by the power of my Spirit. Filled with oil  flowing through . You’re trying to do this in your power or strength but we can not. We need the power of holy spirit, we can not manifest the gospel into anything without the spirit of God. Spiritual discipline is only the beginning, we need the power of God.

The menorah is multi dimensional. The tabernacle had a courtyard and tent. Pass through the courtyard that had an altar. Altar sacrifice, the lever, women’s mirrors to wash their hand and faces. Sanctification, the mirrors are reflecting your image to you, to cleanse you. Into the outer tent, lamp stamp, table of bread, and incense. The bread of the presence ,to manifest the fullness of the presence of God. They lit the menorah first, in order for the spirit to be activated. The menorah ignited Prayer comes next, we need to be in spirit.

Isaiah had 7 wells of water. The first 3 where once his dad dug, 3 where ones he dug, the seventh was called fullness; faith and promises, fullness.

Manifestation of the Spirit

  1. Practice the presence, nothing else will happen in the intended manner. You will have some measure but not fullness. Enter into is presence and allow it manifest itself. Everything else flows. Lord teach me to practice the presence
  2. Wisdom; supernatural creative abilities. Revelation, divine insight and understanding. The vision of God, the vision of the future, the vision of the past. Wisdom promotes and will adore you. It is an adornment, wisdom separates you and makes you beautiful . One wise word from God will change everything. Your resources rely on your creative instinct. You can regenerate wealth trough your creative abilities. Where do you get it? From the spirit of God.
    1. It is not my responsible to figure it out. It is my responsibility to partner with the Spirit. You can not wait on Jesus, you need to step into and do something. We need to confront our cowardliness. They are mysteries, things you don’t know and he wants us to dig into it so we may find them. Revelation partners with understanding through intimacy.
  3. Counsel– ” Lord release something good over me, encourage me!” “You are my son, you are my daughter, you are loved.” Learning to heal and decipher God’s word. He will advise you, the friendship of a counsel. Intimate friendship and relationship. You first need his presence.
  4. Knowledge, assurance, you know that you know that know. I don’t feel like it but ..I know God loves me. God will work it out, you may not know how, you may not know when, but you know. Adam knew Eve and gave birth to a son. These are activated through intimacy.
  5. Fear of the lord-the reverance and awe of his heart. An atmosphere of awe and wonder. When you know him and walk with him, you will revear him and honor him. It is the love of god that compels me.Why would you want to follow someone else? He is not against you, he is for you. He is for you even when you’re against yourself. The only thing that disqualifies the believer is quitting. You will reap if you don’t quit, that’s  a promise.


**Men was not created to be independent. Codependent upon the lord and interdependent amongst Christians. We need the family, there is no perfect family. We need the holy spirit. We heal one another and help another one. We mess up and we apologize and are obligated to forgive. The holy spirit will help you forgive. Your love drunk where you’re in the holy spirit. **


Life in the Spirit.

God became men to fo for us what we could not do for ourselves.

Only one way to God and salvation. Jesus and Jesus alone died for you.

The crucified him for “blasphemy”, because he said he was God.

Would you do the same?

Cried died for sinners, sin is separation. Harmatia(to miss the mark) and Harmano (to offend, or push away from God—HELL)

We are so arrogant, we can tell each other who God is.

The fool in their heart says there is NO GOOD< This is the height of foolishness.

We are all descents of Adam and Eve, we have been born with sin. Sin has entered us.

Moral relativism, what is right to you is right to you and what is right to me is right to me. Man is GOD. You become numb, no feeling, unable to discent right from wrong.

Without Jesus we are spiritually dead. We need to be born again to have access to Holy Spirit. He’s alive in you…moves through you .

Walking in the holy spirit…GET IN THE SPIRIT, you will feel ALIVE.2da956641600f79e2b9951889103d242

Jesus gives life (Zoe, life to the fullest), not religion. Christianity is experiential or it is nothing  at all. The Holy Spirit allows for this.


It’s uncomprehandable you see.

You and me and this connection we make.

It’s spiritual you feel.

For you’re the devil and I am god.

But we both know we can’t hold on.

It’s too hard.

And we both know who’s soverign over all.

Our true God.

May he bless you and keep you .

May he shine his face upon you and show you his countance. 

Mayhe restore you.

May he heal you.

May he give you peace and never ending love. 

In the name of Jesus, amen